Worship Arts Ministry


The vision of the FFC Worship Arts Ministry is to bring those that desire to worship in to an atmosphere that draws them into the presence of God by worshipping in spirit and in truth.
The atmosphere that is desired by the Worship Arts Team set the tone for the entire service. As a result; the importance of ensuring that every aspect of the worship service experience is done with excellence and precision is crucial.
This is accomplished by utilizing the creative arts to enhance the worship experience through music, drama, multi-media, dance, and other creative avenues. 
One of the primary contributors to this vision and those responsible for the worship music portion is our Worship Team consisting of talented vocalists and musicians who focus is to utilize their gifts for the glory of God..
We believe that everyone was created to worship, and live every moment to fulfill Psalm 150:6 - "Let everthing that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord!"
The Creative Arts Ministry at FFC provides support and creativity for all production aspects of the worship arts ministry. Enhancing each worship service with stage design, lighting and other creative concepts is at the foundation of this ministry.
Maintaining the focal interest during each worship and special service at FFC is the responsibility of the Creative Arts Team. This team is made up of volunteers and professionals that utilize their creative gifts and talents to provide a worship experience full of excellence and excitement.
The Creative Arts Team work closely with the other teams within the Worship Arts Ministry to ensure seemless transitions and support of all aspects of the worship experience.
Stage and set design is a big part of the creativity aspect of the Creative Arts Team. Designing, creating and constructing the dramatic look of the FFC stage is one of the most important aspects of our worship experience.
Come to FFC and Experience the Difference made by the FFC Creative Arts Ministry.
The Media Arts Team of FFC provides all video and audio support for each worship experience here at FFC. Ensuring that the sound and media aspects of our service are presented with excellence is the focus of the Media Arts Team.
Providing quality sound and video presentations enhance our worship experience and allow us to be drawn into an inviting atmosphere of worship.
The Media Arts Team also provide media production and digital duplication of each worship and special service that allow us to take the experience with us and provide resources to share with others.
Taking the message to the world becomes easier as we utilize media enhanced internet resources to provide a world wide view of our services.  Through technology and the expertise of our Media Arts Team, we are able to provide the Gospel message to the world as the Great Commission has directed.
If you have any interest in being a part of the Media Arts Team, please contact us today.  We are always looking for creative people who are looking to share their gifts and talents.
Dramaturgy is the art of creating and producing dramatic arts.  Here at FFC the Dramatic Arts Ministry provide enhancements to special services during the Easter and Christmas season. 
The Dramatic Arts Team also provide applicable dramatic presentations to enhance particular worship themes, message series, and worship experiences that provide new revelations that stir our emotions.
Dramaturgy utilizes multiple fine arts to enhance the worship service: Theatrical presentations, interpretive movement, and visual arts are a few of the ways that this ministry brings a new experience to the worshipper.
If you are an actor, dancer, writer, producer, or artist that desires to utilize your creative gifts then come be a part of this ministry; and experience the difference.

To learn how you can become a part of the FFC Worship Arts Ministry, just click on the button below.